The Giving Gallery is a global online art gallery that raises awareness and funds for mental health nonprofits through art sales.

How it All Started

I founded the idea for The Giving Gallery while I was a patient at psychiatric hospital during my freshman year of college. A nurse handed me a box of crayons, and that’s when everything changed. I began layering and etching with these crayons, finally able to express trauma and find a path to recovery. After I was discharged from the hospital, I began volunteering with local nonprofits and auctioning my crayon art. This led to raising thousands of dollars and sparked the vision of scalable and collective impact between artists and mental health nonprofits: The Giving Gallery. More about the Founder

How it Works

The Giving Gallery presents a unique way to finance mental health nonprofits through the art market. Artists passionate about mental health can sell their art and share their story on The Giving Gallery platform. Proceeds from art sales are split between the artist and a partnered mental health organization of the buyer’s choice. Watch Video

Our Success

We launched on Giving Tuesday: November 27, 2017. To date, hundreds of artists from around the world have signed up to sell their art and share their story for mental health. We are partnered with four mental health nonprofits, two of which are the largest in the United States (Mental Health America, and Active Minds). We continue to grow our collection of art from passionate artists, with the goal of raising awareness across borders through creativity. Visit The Giving Gallery

Mental Health Innovation

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