Since age 18, Amanda has been given over 150 speeches and workshops locally and globally to non-profits, corporations, universities, high schools, and hospitals.  She weaves in her personal lessons of recovery, documentary films, and research into a compelling and creative presentation that will challenge the status quo of how we think about mental health for ourselves and in our communities.

COVID update:

Amanda is offering virtual keynotes and workshops. As a filmmaker, Amanda is able to get creative with agencies and interview herself offering testimonies or thoughts about specific topics. For example, UC Davis asked Amanda to submit a video responding to prompts to blast out to their audience.

Speaking and Workshop Points

Topic 1: Layers of Identity: Adversity to Advocacy

Amanda shares her journey navigating the mental health system when she experienced psychiatric hospitalization during college. She shares how this experience of hitting rock bottom empowered her to move forward and channel adversity into advocacy.

  • Navigating identity, self stigma, and social stigma
  • Challenging traditional systems of care and practices
  • Embracing creativity as an outlets and crafting our mental health narratives

Topic 2: Technology & Storytelling in Mental Health

Amanda shares the power of filmmaking and storytelling as 'digital tools' for advocacy, fundraising, and improving online help-seeking experiences. She shares her production practices and lessons creating over 50 short documentary films about youth treatment programs, digital wellness, art therapy, and more.

  • Telling stories as mechanisms to build rapport and to promote prosocial help-seeking behavior.
  • Applying digital advertising methodologies - films and stories as gateways to resources.
  • Considering sociological, social cognitive, and entertainment-education theories in creative production practices.

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